Julio César Chávez

Julio César Chávez is the most celebrated athlete in Mexico. Combining his tough, relentless, hard-nosed punching style with his Mexican cultural attire, Julio was labeled “Mexican Warrior” by all those who cheered their hero to victory. Julio gained respect and the support of all the Mexican people each time he fought another opponent. Businesses shut down. His fights were televised and often the highest rated programs, and most significantly, Julio drew the largest crowd EVER to see a fight when over 136,000 people attended his win against Greg Haugen.

Julio broke onto the boxing scene in 1984 when he delivered a knockout punch to Edwin Rosario winning the WBA Championship, his first of five World Titles. During his magnificent run, Julio strung together an overwhelming record of 90 straight fights without a loss, which today stands as the most decorated undefeated streak in boxing.

After retiring in 2004, Julio took some time to rest and began to build the coming of a new boxing generation, his son, Julio César Chávez, Jr. In addition to guiding his son’s success, Julio has maintained his greatness among the elite athletes in Mexico.

Julio has the amazing ability to relate to all people, breaking barriers of economic status, geographic location and gender. People compare his power of relationship and status to that of a President. Chávez is ranked among the greatest boxers and today is recognized as popular in Mexico as Muhammad Ali is in the United States and Pelé in Brazil. Through his unbelievable work ethic, Mexican pride and attitude, it’s no wonder Julio is truly the “People’s Champion” of Mexico.

Advantages of Julio:

Instant Credibility and Trust

In the Mexican World, there is one figure above all others who is both instantly recognizable and universally trusted.  His appeal cuts across all classes and nationalities, and reaches way beyond the world of boxing.  Julio is a National Icon and embodies Mexican Pride.

Customers for Life – Brand Loyal

For Mexicans and other Latinos, Julio is not just a champion, he is THE Champion.  With Julio, your product or service commands instant attention and the most positive association there is. Julio’s endorsement is one of the most powerful signals you can possibly send.  His presence and his voice are magnets.

Julio Brings Business

Literally. Whether in a Personal Appearance or by voice over the radio, Julio’s endorsement will translate into higher traffic and stronger brand loyalty.

Higher Exposure & Revenues

With Julio’s endorsement, your business will experience more buzz than you can imagine. Recognition, Trust, Traffic, Profit—that’s the Champ’s formula!!